CVST (formerly CVSTProject)

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CVST is a tool helping to use CVS effectively as a code repository for Smalltalk projects. Although CVS may not be the 'ideal' solution for Smalltalk, it's worldwide acceptance and support (SourceForge being one of the great examples of it) make it worth trying to accommodate our development habits to the CVS philosophy. It is not going to be the same as working with e.g. Envy, however it looks like it will be a decent solution especially for distributed development of "open source" projects where such heavy-weights are not an option.



The project consists of two fairly independent components:
binds the CVS representation of the project to the smalltalk image.
is a complete implementation of a CVS client (at the moment in Squeak, hence the name).
Although ultimately they are built to work in tandem, they are useful on their own as well. For example cvstproj is already being used to maintain its own code base using an external CVS client. On the other hand sqcvs provides a foundation for CVS related tools, e.g. a graphical CVS client (like WinCVS/MacCVS).


Since this project is a merger of 2 separetely started activities (February 2000), it inherited three important entry points on the net: The SourceForge project group page provides access to a number of project maintenance tools:


Obviously, this project is going to be a failure, unless there are people interested in using the tool. Feel free to express any ideas, recommendations, comments, critique or praise (... if there is any reason for that ;-) via any of the project's communication channels.

If you find the tool worth trying out or even using then that is the ultimate reward for the efforts of the team. To make your experience a pleasant one don't hesitate to use the project's bug tracking system to notify the team about any difficulties, problems or outright bugs encountered.

If your interest goes so far that you would consider dedicating some of your own time to help with the project, please send an email to the project admin before you change your mind.

Note: This page is probably not going to be updated too often, usually only when some major changes occur. For the latest information please, refer to the project's swiki or the the project's group page or start monitoring some of the project's files and mailing lists.